Meet Our Team

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Ritah Tamale Musisi

Managing Director
As Head of Credit and Collection at Airtel Uganda for 19 years, She helped build a strategic and integrated way for corporate Sales collections with a genuine business impact. Rita’s skills of organization, attention to detail and contagious enthusiasm have earned her a good reputation as an events planner.
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Efe Silva

Senior Creative Director
Passionate film maker, TV Director, Producer and Script Writer with over 13 years working experience and formally the Dean of Academics at the Africa Film and TV Talent Training Institute in Lagos.
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Onyango Raphael Arnold

Digital Media Specialist
Art Director, multi-disciplined graphic designer and visualizer skilled in 2D and 3D motion graphics and cross platform commercial design and packaging, ranging from broadcast branding to independent films.
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Ouma Cosmas

Creative thinker who is an expert in the technical aspect of film photography. Proficient in the operation and placement of photographic equipment. Excellent interpersonal skills allow effective interaction with a variety of people, from directors to crew members to post-production teams.
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Benard Muwanguzi

Sound Engineer
Creative in building concepts for different kind of shoots like music videos, TV adverts and programs, films and plays. Proficient in the operation and placement of sound equipment. Excellent interpersonal skills that allows effective interaction with directors, crew members to the post production team.
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Tumanyane Andrew

Creative Director
Am a host of experiences and skills available to the filmmaking business in a contemporary environment? I am guided by passion, business ethical values and professional conduct. I pay attention to details and have passion to equip myself with soft and hard skills necessary for now and future performance.
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Ojambo Enock James

Director of Photography
Is a film maker who has devoted his focus to writing for film, camera operation, Editing for movies, documentary films and music videos. However, also very passionate about photography and taking all chances in exploring the adventurous field.
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Fiona Tamale Semugooma

Advisor, Sales and Marketing
Over the past 14 years, I worked with some of Uganda’s leading brands including ; Nile Breweries, British Airways, Umeme, Bank of Africa, DFCU etc. I have used my skills in understanding audiences and what makes them tick, to ensure events really resonate with a client’s brief.